Conducting an ICO involves interaction with various users and their finances. To ensure the security of the process, cryptocurrency funds and systems use special verification methods. Blocons offers services for the launch of verification technologies, we will help develop documents for KYC and ALM procedures.

Why do I need documents for KYC and ALM?

The principle of KYC is the work with the identification of the client before he conducts transactions through your service. Whereas ALM is intended to recognize laundering schemes. The implementation of such principles reduces risks, prevents fraud and contributes to the fight against money laundering. 

The purpose of this procedure:

  • identify and know your clientele;
  • monitor the operations performed;
  • reduce the risk of corruption and fraud.

The main functions of this method are customer verification via SMS and withdrawal limits. In order to correctly implement all this, agreements, confirmations and other documents will be needed. Without KYC and ALM procedures, it will not be possible to obtain a license for cryptocurrency projects.


What is included in a KYC document?

If you need to launch the KYC procedure, then it must include the following documents:

  1. Client identification. Elaborated requirements for the provision of documents during verification: personal documents, proof of address and other passport data.
  2. Checking documents for validity.
  3. Norms of storage of documents provided by clients.

It is necessary to set up due diligence and prepare a KYC document and agreement models in order to create a high-quality verification of counterparties.

Why order KYC and ALM documents from us?

Crypto business of any level and type needs to create a sufficiently high managerial control. Blocons helps ensure everything is up to par and run KYC and ALM documents for verification procedures.

With us, you will receive competent and fast solutions for your business tasks, because experienced lawyers take on the tasks.

Our company provides comprehensive support for crypto projects, so it knows all the international and local nuances in this activity. Will develop a complete package of documents to ensure the security of your business with quality control of clients.

If you have any additional questions about KYC requirements, or our services, fill out an application on the website, and our specialists will advise you in more detail, taking into account the specifics of your company.

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