Previously, Malta was the most loyal, promising jurisdiction for blockchain implementation for service providers. After certain laws were passed, activities in this area were a little burdened as it was necessary to comply with certain legal requirements. Therefore, obtaining a crypto license in Malta today is very problematic for foreign investors, but it is possible.

Malta cryptocurrency exchange license: types

Are you interested in licensing a company in Malta? Then you should choose the type of papers. Each type allows you to perform certain services, but the difficulty of obtaining permits may also depend on this.

In total, there are 4 types of documents that allow you to conduct activities in the field of cryptocurrencies:

  1. Class 1. The authorized capital can be 25 or 50 thousand euros with insurance. Thanks to the documentation received, the owner receives, transmits orders or provides investment advice regarding virtual assets. In addition, the user owns the assets, finances of clients, controls them.
  2. Class 2. The amount of capital is 125 thousand euros. The owner keeps, controls the finances of clients, providing them with VFA services.
  3. Class 3. The authorized capital is 730 thousand euros. The crypto license allows you to provide various VFA services, but does not allow you to make a VFA exchange exchange. The owner keeps, controls the finances of clients, providing them with VFA services.
  4. Class 4. The amount of capital is 730 thousand euros. This type of paper is considered the most complete, as it allows firms to control the VFA exchange, also control or store customer finances, virtual assets, cryptographic keys. An ideal option for different types of crypto exchanges.

The licensing price depends on the type of documents. User payments are made in 2 stages:

  • one time;
  • every year (required in order to renew the document).

Cryptocurrency exchange license Malta: procedure steps

To begin with, you should choose the direction of your company, determine the expected income and the processes performed in order to correctly calculate every nuance. It is from these factors that the size of the authorized capital, the amount of the contribution and other costs arising in the work may depend. Next, the following is done:

  1. A company is registered, a legal address is drawn up, employees are hired.
  2. The optimal bank is selected in order to open an account, to fulfill all financial issues.

At the very end, all documents are prepared, the designer receives a crypto license. If you have any questions or problems regarding the execution of documents, we recommend that you contact the specialists of our company for help.

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