Attention owners of crypto exchanges, exchangers and wallets! The more you know your customers and can vouch for the safety of cryptocurrency transactions, the better your business will be. When it comes to your personal cryptocurrency wallet, your accumulated funds are at stake.

Assistance in tracking transactions and passing AML and KYC checks

Blocons specialists are ready to provide services:

  • KYC (know your customer) compliance check of a crypto exchange, crypto exchange, crypto wallet;
  • transaction monitoring, for which specially written scripts are used.

We enter the cryptocurrency wallet address and trace the path of funds to the recipient's wallet.

Failure to comply with legislation regarding AML and KYC leads to sanctions from financial regulators.

What are the implications for cryptocurrency wallet owners?

The common man now needs to be more careful about his transactions on the exchange, because any transaction may seem suspicious to the exchange. The exchange may require documents to verify users. Owners need to know what the law says about what transactions are suspicious. Keeping track of the constant changes is not easy unless you are a lawyer with the appropriate specialisation.

Depending on the legislation of specific countries, the threshold amount of transactions requiring verification may differ. The package of documents to be submitted also differs.

Work legally! Let us handle the routine tasks of monitoring transactions and analysing customer profiles.

We employ people with the knowledge, skills and tools you need. We use a flexible approach depending on the specific client and jurisdiction. We implement mechanisms that do not interfere with the normal functioning of a cryptocurrency exchange/crypto-exchange and do not prevent the use of crypto-wallet for legitimate purposes. Contact us!

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