A crypto license is important not only for trading and mining, but also for enhancing the company's image. Being in a safe legal field, you will be able to win the trust of customers, attract investments, new business partners, actively develop and significantly increase the value of the company in the future.

    Licensing of crypto activities is an important procedure for business

    Cryptobusiness is a fairly new direction, so if you want to conduct your business legally and successfully, it is important to take care of obtaining a license. After passing the check by government agencies and issuing a crypto license, the business owner gets the right to legally perform the following actions with cryptocurrencies:

    • exchange;
    • turnover;
    • transfer;
    • storage.

    At the same time, clients can be located anywhere in the world, since everything can be done remotely. The service for exchanging fiat for cryptocurrency and vice versa is especially popular, which you can easily do after obtaining a license.

    Licensing of cryptocurrency activities: what will its absence lead to

    Entrepreneurs working in the field of cryptocurrency activities who have not received a license in a timely manner most often violate the law. As a result, the company may receive fines, or the owners may face criminal liability. The penalty varies depending on the country in which the business is opened.

    Crypto license: the main positive moments

    Licensing of crypto activities will allow the company to operate in the state legal field, as well as to receive protection from various checks that may arise against the background of suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing.

    With a license, you can open a cryptocurrency exchange and become a legal intermediary in sales. On the online platform, you can exchange virtual money for fiat and vice versa, conduct trading activities in financial markets, sell and acquire assets.

    You will also have the opportunity to provide services of cryptocurrency or alternative payment systems. As a result, you will be able to accept transfers in cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services. A crypto license gives the right to store digital funds of clients, use a cryptocurrency wallet for transfers. You will be able to securely send and receive funds online and offline.

    Crypto licenses: the benefits of professional assistance

    The Conalz team of professionals offers a comprehensive and individual approach. It all depends on the plans, strategies and priorities chosen. We will help you obtain a license to carry out cryptocurrency activities legally in the shortest possible time. The advantages of cooperation with Conalz include the following points:

    • multifaceted experience of specialists;
    • assistance in business development and support;
    • accounting for customer requests, the specifics of the project and the legal framework;
    • long-term partnerships.

    Our company offers a wide range of services that are aimed at implementing business strategies in a short time with limited resources. Due to the high qualification of specialists, a positive result in the licensing of cryptocurrency activities is guaranteed.