It often happens that the only thing that separates you from starting a business in the field of cryptocurrencies is doubts about their legality. There are legal and legal aspects that make this industry quite difficult to understand even for financiers. 

Cryptocurrency lawyer helps you understand the legislation that governs the circulation of this means of payment. We also have such a specialist in our company. He possesses all the necessary knowledge and skills, thoroughly knows international law and will help in the event of litigation to defend his case. 

It is optimal if everything is resolved pre-trial. But sometimes you have to defend the client’s interests in court and file an appeal. And even face the fact that the courts themselves have little understanding of how to react to certain precedents. Not surprising: cryptocurrencies appeared not so long ago. 

Consulting assistance will be the best solution when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and you find yourself in a controversial situation. Not all countries have fully resolved the issue of their treatment. You need to start a business by deciding to choose the country where you will register it. Otherwise, all the benefits will come to naught. This is where you can’t do without the help of a lawyer! 

Cryptocurrency lawyer services

We help solve the most common issues that businesses dealing with crypto constantly face:

  • assistance in founding companies;
  • legal regulation of the ICO project;
  • working with regulatory authorities;
  • security issues, AML, KYC checks;
  • criminal defense;
  • cryptofraud cases;
  • disputes between partners. 

If a specific and guaranteed result is important to you, then you need to contact a lawyer not with a general profile, but with the appropriate specialization: financial law, international law, tax (depending on what exactly you need to deal with).</p >

If you are just starting to run a business related to cryptocurrency, it is better to immediately find such a lawyer/attorney. Consider when choosing:

  • experience;
  • knowledge;
  • recommendations;
  • specialization. 

Let legal support always be available to you! Contact BLOCONS and work in peace. Rest assured that you are compliant with cryptocurrency regulations.

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