Our company has been operating on the market for a long time, and during this time we have gathered a team of specialists with vast experience in legal support of high-tech projects. We are result oriented at affordable prices.

Creation of a token: main features

The company is not engaged in information technology, we provide comprehensive legal support for ICO during the development and implementation of such a project as the creation of a token. The success of your idea largely depends on the coherence of our work.

Legal support is divided into the following stages:

  • analysis of cryptocurrency regulation in relation to the activities of the platform;
  • development of the optimal legal design of the token;
  • formation of a map of regulatory features for further development;
  • development of corporate and tax structure;
  • preparation of legal documents for the token sale and support during the token period.

We specialize in working with complex projects of companies that work in the field of information technology, we advise on tax planning and financial regulation.


Token Creation: An Analysis of Cryptocurrency Regulation

The first step is to analyze how regulated cryptocurrencies are for a particular platform. For this you need:

  • make a preliminary assessment of the utility of the token;
  • find out the range of possible jurisdictions for holding an ICO;
  • agree on criteria for evaluating jurisdictions with the client;
  • identify regulatory and tax restrictions for a particular structure.

As a result, specialists identify drivers and identify possible limitations for the implementation of the customer's project.

Development of the optimal legal design of the ICO token with us

An important step in the process of maintaining a token is the creation of its structure, which can be further adjusted and improved.

Development of the optimal legal design of the ICO token includes:

  • formation of a preliminary design of the project;
  • regulatory analysis based on jurisdictions used for application;
  • design adjustment work within specified jurisdictions, if required;
  • in the process of project marketing, development of answers to legal questions for chats;
  • creation of a list of jurisdictions within which marketing of the customer's project is possible;
  • setting restrictions on the composition of participants in the sale of tokens and the rules for their observance;
  • requirements of anti-money laundering laws;
  • KYC requirements.

Upon completion, the customer receives the optimal design for this project in a certain jurisdiction and a detailed list of regulatory restrictions.

At the next stages, the development of ownership and management of the token, taking into account tax laws and the coordination of legal documentation, is underway.

Our company is a reliable partner in legal matters in the process of creating a token. We have thoroughly studied all the intricacies of operations with cryptocurrencies in various jurisdictions and can offer our clients the best option for them with the maximum benefit. Cooperation with us is the key to your success in the field of cryptocurrencies.

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