Have you decided to invest in crypto coins? Then you will probably be interested to know which indicators are the most important when choosing an investment object.

Technical analysis of the crypto project

Firstly, each crypto coin must have its own website, and this is mandatory.

How to understand that a site is worth attention:

  • it is easy to understand, there are no errors;
  • the website must state the goals of the crypto project;
  • make sure that enough information about the command is included.

Next we look at the most important document, namely – White Paper? White paper – This is an official document that contains information about a crypto coin. Be sure to pay attention to tokenomics, that is, the distribution of the coin. 

Social networks: visit the most popular ones

Most cryptocurrency projects will have channels on Twitter, Reddit.

Pay attention to the number of subscribers they have. Does the team take part in commenting? How does she interact with subscribers? Does he give expert answers to questions, does he solve problems, does he not respond with standard template phrases. That is, there must be a high level of image and service, otherwise there is no point in getting involved with the project. The risk that you will burn out will be too high. Since such an attitude is already visible at the stage of communication. 

Check out the reviews. The more positive, the better. But it’s also worth knowing that there are no projects that have exclusively positive reviews. If they only praise the project and have no comments at all, this is a bad sign. 

Market capitalization

By multiplying the price of coins by their total quantity, you will get the market capitalization indicator. A figure of more than 1 billion US dollars is considered good. 

Trading volume

The more cryptocurrency was sold, the better. If the trading volume is low, this means that investors do not trust this cryptocurrency for some reason. As a result, prices may fluctuate and liquidity will be poor. 

These are not all the criteria. It is better to consult with experts before investing. This is especially true for beginners since they take the most risks. Contact us, we are always ready to help you make the right choice! 

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