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How do taxes affect the promotion of ICO projects?

The complexity of developing ICO projects, among other factors, lies in the fact that different jurisdictions have a different approach to regulating cryptocurrencies and taxation. Ignorance of all the intricacies of legislation, which, moreover, changes very often in this area, can lead not only to financial, but also to legal consequences.

Without the participation of specialists capable of calculating jurisdictional taxes in promoting ICO projects, there are risks for companies:

  • violate the law on tax reporting on foreign accounts FATCA;
  • to get caught on non-payment of taxes to the state of tax residence;
  • allow various violations of the tax laws of the jurisdiction of the person selling the tokens.

In most countries, in taxation, cryptocurrencies are considered as one of the forms of ownership. Some countries treat virtual money as foreign fiat currencies or a digital representation of value.

Our lawyers will help develop effective measures to neutralize or minimize tax risks in the process of creating a token design.

Development of the tax structure of the project

The lawyers of our company in the process of legal support for ICOs pay great attention to the development of the tax structure of the project. The work includes:

  • analytics of CFC/CFC rules that apply to the platform owner;
  • analysis of the dissemination of information about project participants in accordance with the requirements of CRS;
  • making recommendations on the ownership structure;
  • implementation of the optimal project ownership option;
  • taking into account the jurisdiction chosen by the client, the choice of a bank or payment institution for opening a current account.

As a result, our client receives a detailed project ownership and management structure, which already takes into account the tax implications.

Legal advice ICO

Legal support of ICO plays a serious role in the successful implementation of the project. Consultations do not just come down to checking the compliance of documents with the law. Lawyers are working on choosing a comfortable jurisdiction for the company's activities, and are also developing a package of documents that will be the basis for the ICO.

Our specialists approach the solution of the issue comprehensively and analyze:

  • how the funds collected during the implementation of the project will be taxed;
  • whether the token falls within the definition of securities;
  • how not to fall under the money laundering legislation.

Blocons is a team of professional lawyers in the field of cryptocurrency turnover who can lead a project of any complexity to success. There are very few specialists of this level in this branch of law. Do not delay with the decision, order services from us now, and also subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to be aware of all events.

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