How to ensure legal security for your blockchain project?

In order to ensure legal security for your online business and create optimal conditions for the development of your blockchain project, you need to take care of its competent legal protection. In this article, we will tell you what it is for and how to do it correctly.

When is your blockchain project in dire need of legal support?

Even at the beginning of a startup, your blockchain project is already in dire need of legal support and ensuring the legal security of the project, since for the proper operation of your business you need:

  • register your company;
  • find investors;
  • choose a bank suitable for work and open bank accounts necessary for full-fledged work;
  • select qualified employees for your team and register them in the tax and pension fund;
  • start paying taxes and deduct social contributions for yourself and your employees, and start keeping your company's books.

Legal security of a blockchain project: what does it include?

The legal security of blockchain projects includes such aspects as ensuring:

  • legal support and support in registering a company, negotiating, signing important documents and contracts with investors and employees, clients of the company;
  • development of legal documents of the company, such as the company's statute, an agreement with investors, with employees of the company, etc.;
  • legal support of tax audits of your company in order to ensure the protection of your business from illegal actions of regulatory authorities;
  • preparation of all confidential documents with company employees;
  • legal support of the company's employees when communicating with law enforcement officers, during investigations, searches in the company;
  • optimization of the tax burden in the company;
  • anti-raider protection of the company;
  • conducting a legal audit in the company;
  • legal analysis of the activities of the client's or counterparty's company;
  • comprehensive legal support of the company's activities at all stages of its life;
  • legal support of the company in case of litigation, etc.

Where can I get comprehensive legal security for my blockchain project?

Blockchain Consulting will provide your online business with comprehensive legal security. Our team of professionals will provide you not only with highly qualified legal support on issues related to ensuring the protection of your blockchain project, but also develop an individual set of legal measures specifically for your company aimed at protecting your online business.

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