An innovative way of investing in the country and abroad is considered to be raising funds in the form of ICO cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that in the context of the current legislation this issue is in a certain vacuum, the application of existing legal structures, characteristic of both Russian and foreign legal fields, still provide opportunities for the implementation of such investment projects. If you need advice or assistance in competently minimizing management risk, leave a request on the Conalz website.

Management risk minimization: features

This service includes a number of services:

  • providing advice on the choice of jurisdiction;
  • implementation of company registration in the country with minimal risk;
  • proper disclosure of information about the beneficial owner;
  • development of a corporate structure in accordance with the existing regulation of controlled foreign companies.

The development of a system of measures to minimize the risks of personal liability of the CEO of the issuing company and the initiators of the project requires a specialist to have experience in this area, maximum efficiency and knowledge in the legislative field. That is why the solution of this problem should be dealt with by specialists.

Minimizing management risk with the help of professionals

Development of a system of measures to minimize the risks of personal liability of the CEO of the issuing company and project initiators is one of the main activities of Conalz specialists.

The main advantages of cooperation with us:

  • efficiency;
  • quality assurance;
  • individual solution;
  • the quality of the minimization;
  • low cost of services;
  • a complex approach.

Due to significant experience in working with foreign jurisdictions, the presence of a wide international partner network, as well as interaction with foreign banks and other organizations, the company’s clients will not need to contact various consultants, entrusting us with the project as a whole.

The cost of management risk minimization services depends on several requirements:

  • type of service;
  • requirements of the client;
  • deadlines.

Leave a request on the company's website to find out the details. The manager will contact you shortly.

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