At the moment, many Internet users got actively interested in cryptocurrency and started creating a variety of projects. Among them there are dubious ones that have nothing to do with the blockchain, as well as promising ones in the future. As a result, virtual money, i.e. tokens, began to be put up for sale. Filling these coins with “value” is unique for all projects. Tokens can be structured like shares. As a result, the holder receives dividends from the project, in proportion to the number of coins he has.

Structuring the emission of IEO tokens and creating a standard project

The development of a typical project, with the help of which a new cryptocurrency is issued, is carried out in several stages:

  1. A concept and a white paper are being developed. An idea is being introduced into the white paper that can convince depositors of the demand for coins, that they will actively grow. This document is considered the most difficult, since its preparation requires a lot of time, careful study.
  2. The financial and legal part of the project is being formed. This allows you to form a legal concept of the token, to avoid problems in the future.
  3. The technological part of cryptocoins is being created and developed. At this stage, specialists are developing a high-quality technological infrastructure, engine, wallet, promo site, personal account.
  4. Primary placement of coins, offer to investors. At this stage, tokens are promoted, advertising is released, a community is formed.

At the last stage, the structuring of the issue of Initial Exchange Offering tokens is carried out, the coins are displayed on the exchanges. Exchanges sell tokens. The procedure may be sluggish, inactive. In such a situation, market makers help.

How much does structuring the emission of IEO tokens cost and who should order the service?

Structuring the emission of IEO tokens is a complex procedure that takes a certain period of time. During the work, various points that are important for the project are taken into account. All this affects the overall cost of creating a platform.

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