25,000 young Salvadorans learned how to use bitcoin and the idea of cryptocurrencies. And all this is thanks to the Bitcoin Beach movement.

Bitcoin Beach is a specific point on the map. The region was one of the first in El Salvador to accept BTC in regular payments.

What kind of movement is this?

Thanks to this movement, Bitcoin is being popularized and myths about it are being debunked. And the most important myth is that most people still think of cryptocurrencies as something complicated and inaccessible. As long as there is a certain distrust of this payment instrument, you can't do without specialists. 

Lawyers will explain the legal side of the issue, financial specialists will help you decide on a bank that will accept cryptocurrency without problems. If you are going to work with crypto, it is worth paying close attention to the choice of jurisdiction. 

Everyone can use cryptocurrency, on a par with fiat money. But to know about it as a financial instrument, as an asset, to be able to assess the risks is possible only to a specialist. 

Thus, to have limitless opportunities, it is enough to learn English, learn more about finance and strive for independence. You can work anywhere in the world, and you don't have to use fiat money for settlements. This is the idea that the Bitcoin Beach movement is actively promoting among schoolchildren and young people.

When these ideas reach those who are most affected by the traditional financial system, things will finally move forward.

Where to find the most reliable information about cryptocurrency?

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