A crypto exchange is an electronic platform where you can trade cryptocurrencies and exchange them for fiat money and vice versa. In this case, the classic principle applies: buy cheaper, sell more expensive. Registration of a crypto exchange in Lithuania is considered a good alternative to starting a business in other EU countries, as the state offers budget solutions for conducting crypto activities. This option is suitable for entrepreneurs who planned to go through the procedure in Estonia but did not do so after changes in legislation, as well as for those who are actively looking for promising business platforms.

Establishing a crypto exchange: list of required documents

To register a crypto exchange in Lithuania, you need to provide the following documents

  • passport of one or more directors of the company
  • resume
  • a certificate of no criminal record;
  • company's charter;
  • report of the meeting with the written consent of the directors;
  • confirmation of opening an account with a banking institution in the country.

Also, during the registration process, government agencies may request additional information and documents.

Registration of a crypto exchange in Lithuania: important advantages

The creation of a crypto exchange in Lithuania has many positive aspects, among which are

  1. Simplicity of the process. This is possible due to the minimum procedural requirements.
  2. Low costs. It is necessary to pay a fee for company registration, collection and submission of documents, as well as preparation of the authorized capital.
  3. Minimum tax rate. The corporate tax is 15%.
  4. Possibility of remote registration. All registration procedures can be completed from anywhere in the world.

In addition, Lithuania has no residency requirements for company directors and shareholders. The registration procedure takes at least three weeks.

Establishment of cryptocurrency exchanges in Lithuania: basic requirements for the process

The following requirements apply to the registration of a cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania

  • at least one director of the company with a financial education;
  • work experience in the field of finance (necessarily as a manager);
  • the permissible number of shareholders is up to 250 persons (individuals, legal entities);
  • a legal address in the country.

It is important to keep in mind that the minimum authorized capital is EUR 2,500. In addition, in order to communicate with government agencies, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with an employee responsible for implementing the policy of preventing money laundering and financial terrorism - an AML officer.

Registration of a cryptocurrency exchanger in Lithuania: help from professionals

The procedure for creating a cryptocurrency exchanger in Lithuania has many positive aspects, which the experienced team of Blocons will be happy to tell you about. We provide comprehensive support during the registration of a crypto business, obtaining a license, as well as performing various types of operations with cryptocurrency. Thanks to an individual approach, our specialists provide services at the highest level.

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