Our company has extensive experience in preparing documents for international investment attraction projects and crypto projects.

The cryptocurrency market provides a huge opportunity for Ukraine in the context of limited investment in our country. If the ICO market continues to develop at the current pace, ICOs may become a leading channel for attracting investment.

What is an ICO? It is an issue of cryptocurrency by a company. The company sells its unique cryptocurrency in exchange for a traditional cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin or ether. These major cryptocurrencies have high liquidity and can be converted into traditional types of funds. In the course of the project implementation, the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency issued during the ICO starts to grow. Accordingly, investors make money on the growth of quotations and everyone wins.

What is the first step that an entrepreneur should take to get access to cryptocapital? Everything is basically the same as attracting conventional investments - you need to describe your business project in a high-quality manner. Traditionally, a White Paper is prepared for an ICO, an investment memorandum that includes a description of the market, project, and business case.

The main marketing tool for ICOs is, of course, the White Paper. However, you should not forget about the whole package of contractual documents that regulates the relations between all participants in the process, from the company's beneficiaries to the visitors of your website. In addition, the ICO initiator must ensure that internal documentation on AML/KYC, personal data protection, etc. is in place.

Our team has extensive experience in preparing documents for international investors, we know what investors expect from a project and can present your idea in the best possible light.

 What documents are needed for ICO:

- Simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT), Token purchase agreement - agreements that regulate the terms of exchange of your cryptocurrency and the distribution of smart contracts;

- Privacy policy - privacy terms (must be posted on the company's website);

- General Terms & Conditions - a document that sets out the rights and obligations of the parties (must be posted on the company's website);

- One paper/teaser - a short one-page document with a summary of the project;

- White paper - the main document describing the project.

The final structure and content of the documents is determined by agreement with the customer.

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