STO (Security Token Offering) is a simple and secure fundraising model.

The simplicity lies in the fact that issuers need to spend a minimum of time for registration. 

Benefits of STO

  1. STOs are digital certificates that allow you to gain control over physical assets.
  2. Moreover, you can get complete information on them, which guarantees security.
  3. Works of art, real estate and cars can be converted into tokens.
  4. You can use smart contracts that cannot be faked. They already contain all the information that allows you to identify the owner. Therefore, working with them is so fast and convenient.
  5. Asset splitting available. 

STO Documentation

The process of preparing such a project requires technical and legal planning, very thorough preparation.

Almost all countries apply anti-money laundering (AML/KYC) regulations to such companies.

Certain exceptions to the U.S. securities registration requirements are granted to "accredited investors". Tokens are sold only to them.

Registration of securities is very long and laborious. Our specialists will help you to understand all these subtleties. You will receive a reliable flexible financial instrument. We will prepare documents, both digital and material elements. Contact us, we will advise you on how to invest correctly, how to avoid possible risks. You will receive not only a package of documents, but also services for registering a company, choosing a bank, opening an account. Among the documents that our clients receive with the help of our lawyers:

  • Memorandum;
  • Whitepaper;
  • Prospectus;
  • Reporting.

Whitepaper as basic STO documentation

Through the cryptocurrency Whitepaper, projects tell the audience about their products. One will find:

  • Overview of the goals of the project;
  • Review of tokensomics;
  • Peculiarities;
  • Data about the team. 

Entrust us with the preparation of this important document so that you can evaluate the possible risks, advantages and disadvantages of your project. The white document will show options on how to use a product or service in the most optimal way.

First of all, you will interest such a document of your potential investors and developers, namely this is what you need. It is extremely important that all official documents do not confuse, do not advertise, but give clear answers to questions about the project. For example, it is advisable not only to describe the advantages of the project, but also possible risks, highlighting for this a separate section in a white document. 

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