A huge number of cryptocurrency projects exist and are being created. Many of the projects need financial incentives to support users and developers. Trying to get financial support from venture capitalists takes a long time, as a result, the results are not always satisfactory. In such a situation, the only way out is to choose an IEO.

What is an IEO?

IEO provides for the use of a cryptocurrency exchange, which allows you to collect finances to open a new project. Assets are traded on such resources, however, as a rule, this happens only when the developers were able to raise funds and launch their own project.

IEO is the optimal method by which investors buy assets before they appear on the market. Thanks to the exchange, which facilitates the sale of electronic coins, registered participants purchase tokens before the moment when they begin to be sold on the open market.

Since IEO is used for exchange, users who choose this route are responsible for their own future action plan. As a rule, the IEO offer is carefully considered by the participating exchange. Many exchanges risk their reputation for every IEO they offer.

Benefits for users and developers

Any IEO project is considered profitable, as it has the following advantages:

  1. Increases investors' confidence in themselves. Investors do not work with employees, but with the exchange. IEO makes any exchange more reliable, safer if the situation gets out of hand.
  2. Security for coin issuers, investors. The owners of electronic coins also benefit, since the platform that manages the rules is responsible for security, verification of participants.
  3. Guaranteed listing. Coins are placed on the exchange immediately after the launch of the IEO.
  4. Favorable conditions for resources. The project greatly enhances the marketing power of each exchange, increases trust and popularity.
  5. Pros for each exchange. They get new users who sign up to purchase exchange coins.

Also, favorable conditions are received by people who hold exchange coins.

IEO registration and documentation

Making an IEO allows you to get a ready-made, safe model that collects funds for users. One of the important points during registration is the Initial Exchange Offering documentation. The preparation and collection of the necessary documents will be undertaken by the specialists of our company.

To order the registration of a new project, please contact our company, contact us by phone or via e-mail.

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