Initially, operations with cryptocurrencies are considered a risky type of activity. In order to secure project participants or at least minimize risks, various forms of contractual relations are being developed. Our experienced lawyers prepare agreements with investors and ICO user agreements in accordance with all the requirements of running a business of virtual currencies and the legislation of selected jurisdictions.

What is SAFT?

Between the developers of crypto-startups and accredited investors, a special form of agreement or contract is drawn up that regulates the collection of funds, which stipulates a promise to distribute tokens at the time of the start of the project.

SAFT gives permission to investors to buy tokens before they are released on the blockchain, without violating the law. All terms of the contract are developed by the project team and agreed upon by both parties.

After the launch of the project, investors receive the tokens they have already purchased. They can use them on the platform or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

It should be noted that SAFT applies only under US law. Therefore, if this jurisdiction is chosen during the development of the project, our lawyers will help in drafting this agreement.

Why is an offer required?

The offer is a user agreement between the owner of the project and the user.

The minimum package of ICO legal documents includes the following:

  • Privacy policy;
  • Terms&Conditions;
  • Terms of Token Purchase;
  • Separately issued Disclaimer.

Terms of Token Purchase is not a comprehensive offer, but is central to any ICO. It regulates the procedure for the sale or transfer of tokens to users, and also establishes the categories of investors who are allowed to participate in the ICO.

Terms&Conditions is a broader document that includes all the rest of the documentation and, if properly executed, other offers may not be drawn up. However, if our customer is not constrained by funds, we recommend developing Terms & Conditions, since this is an important foundation, a kind of legal White Paper.

Privasy Policy guards the interests and security of ICO project owners. Documents allow the collection and processing of personal data of users.

Disclaimer puts you in a strong position in the event of claims or lawsuits, because the user has been honestly warned about the disclaimer of possible liability, and the user has accepted these conditions.

Full-fledged legal documentation of the ICO forms the image of the project, convinces users and investors that your idea is reliable and not spam, and also protects against lawsuits and claims, both individual and collective.

Preparation of agreements with investors and user agreements ICO in our company

During the preparation of legal documentation in the process of supporting the ICO, our specialists carry out:

  • development of the legal part of the White Paper, taking into account the requirements of the client;
  • drawing up agreements for users and investors;
  • development of contracts with contractors, project participants;
  • legal advice for the tokensale period.

Cooperation with Blocons is profitable and reliable. The participation of professional lawyers at the stage of project development will help to secure further activities and reduce financial and legal risks long before they occur.

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