Development of corporate documentation for the safe launch of an ICO, with competent White Paper analysis

Blocons offers services for the development of internal documentation for the implementation of the issuance and sale of tokens through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). We provide full support of the procedure and preparation of documentation, taking into account the specifics of the company and legal norms.

List of required documentation for entering the ICO

Entering an ICO is a kind of alternative to lending. Only instead of interacting with the bank, the company issues tokens that replace stocks or bonds. Thus, there is an effective attraction of finance to the project from interested individuals.

The token can differ in its parameters. It can imply a debt obligation, allow the use of a product, or guarantee a share of the company. Depending on this, the procedure for its release and the formation of documents for this will differ. We help to prepare tokenomics with the necessary documentation for entering the ICO according to your criteria. Also, at the initial stages of launching a blockchain project, you can order the development of the entire structure by jurisdiction and legal documents of the full range.

List of required documentation for entering the ICO

If your blockchain project needs to develop documents, you can entrust this task to us. We work with all types of necessary documentation for entering the ICO:

  • we prepare contracts for the conclusion of an agreement on the issuance of tokens between your company and the tokenizer;
  • draw up contracts for the team within the blockchain project;
  • we prescribe contracts for closed rounds of token sales;
  • create user agreements ICO, Privacy Notice, disclaimers;
  • we develop the conditions for the initial offer of tokens;
  • formulate the conditions for the bounty campaign.

Our experts will draw up a complete package of documents for the launch of tokens and the initial offer to purchase them.

Why is it worth ordering the development of documentation from us?

Our team consists of responsible and experienced lawyers who support blockchain projects at all stages. We act within the legal framework, find successful solutions and implement them to ensure the security of your cryptocurrency activities. You can rely on us in the preparation of documentation if you want to quickly and competently develop a package for issuing ICO tokens.

You can also order the preparation and analysis of White Paper from us in order to receive a competent report and study on the risks and opportunities of your business.

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