Blocons Business Consulting offers activity support for crypto exchanges. We provide support at all stages of this business, from launch to maintenance.

What is included in the package of services for crypto exchanges?

You can order assistance in registering a crypto exchange from us, if you are just starting to work in this direction. Our lawyers will:

  1. Advise on the activities of crypto exchangers: which jurisdiction to choose, how to organize the workflow, what is necessary for registration.
  2. Help with obtaining a license: they will select the optimal type of platform and software, in accordance with which they will perform the registration procedure. 

We will help you competently launch the project, select a taxation system for it and prepare the required documents. We will fully take over all the responsibilities and ensure the official and safe launch of the exchanger for cryptocurrencies.

Support services for crypto exchangers

For crypto exchange owners who have already launched a business and need professional service, we also have a comprehensive offer. Our team works in all directions:

  • opens and maintains bank accounts;
  • provides advice on all processes of crypto exchangers;
  • provides accounting services;
  • prepares documents for transactions and financial transactions.

The package offer includes a full business service, with the solution of all legal problems, documentation and work processes. This will allow you to conduct your cryptocurrency business correctly, receive competent analysis and advice to protect yourself from risks.

Blocons offers only professional solutions from qualified and experienced lawyers, marketers and accountants. You can trust us with your project and get full support in maintaining and promoting your crypto exchange on the market. Leave your request and we will contact you to discuss the details.

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