Competent advice on NFT: risk analysis and settlement of all legal issues

The NFT market is developing, and a safe entry into it with your project requires the support of specialists. Competent lawyers from Blocons will advise on all stages of launching NFT projects and help you implement everything correctly.

Why is NFT consultation important before launch?

Support for experts on the design and opening of projects in the field of NFT is an important stage of training in order to ensure successful activities in the blockchain. It is worth consulting with experienced specialists to:

  • know in detail about all stages and nuances of project launching;
  • organize everything promptly and not spend a lot of time studying all the details;
  • perform everything correctly and avoid risks;
  • protect yourself from problems in the legal field.

Lawyers will evaluate your NFT project, indicate “weak” moments that need to be eliminated or modified. They will also help with the choice of the site suitable for your idea, and other legal issues.

What is included in the NFT consulting from the Blocons service?

Our company provides comprehensive support for the launch of Non-Fungible token. We help with the full legal design of the project and the registration of the company.

NFT consulting includes:

  1. Discussion of the idea, its analysis. We evaluate the idea, select for it the optimal business format and the implementation strategy. We also determine the “points of risk” and “profit points” of your concept.
  2. Consultations on the design of the company and unique tokens. We tell you how to register everything correctly in the legal and tax sphere, which will be needed for registration.
  3. Help directly during the launch process. During consultations, we form a plan and points of cooperation, where we can be useful to you with our competencies. This includes the preparation of documents, and registration with the relevant authorities and sites, and the opening of bank accounts. We are ready to provide a full set of support for the NFT project.

Blocons will answer all your questions and give specific recommendations on what to do to complete an NFT project.

What documents for NFT do we help to draw up?

By contacting our company, you can get detailed professional advice. Also here you can count on support of the project and assistance in its preparation. In particular, we provide execution of all required documents:

  • a smart contract for identifying and transferring ownership of NFTs;
  • confirmation under the terms of service of a particular platform;
  • formulation of sales conditions in accordance with your goals and individual wishes;
  • registration certificates of the company and the token itself;
  • legal confirmations according to the standards of the country chosen for the launch;
  • opening bank accounts for financial payments;
  • protection of intellectual property for business security.

We will help launch your project on the global digital market, select the best conditions for organizing the project and settling all legal norms. We will ensure the confidentiality of data, as well as the competent conduct of your business.

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