Obtaining licenses for STO: with us quickly and officially

The Law Firm of Conalz Business Consulting offers assistance in registering a STO license. We will ensure a comprehensive support for the process of security tokens for their subsequent implementation for investment purposes.

What is needed to obtain an official STO license?

Security Token Offering is virtual analogues of securities that give their owners the opportunity to acquire investments from their sales. Profit can be from a share during sale, from dividends or rights to shares. Also, such tokens can be sold through crypto-exchanges. Since this is a safe type of securities that are controlled by jurisdiction, investors are more likely to choose these tokens for investment.

To tokenize assets based on blockchain technology, one shall undergo a special registration procedure. It depends on the legislative norms governing the scope of cryptocurrencies. The legislation and the rules for registering a license will differ depending on the chosen country.

Registration must be performed in the relevant authority, in the national regulator. To launch STO, the most popular way will be the registration of a company or investment fund, and the submission of all the required documents.

Obtaining STO licenses in compliance with the procedure 

Conalz Business Consulting provides blockchain services. Our experts are ready to:

  • consult on issues of how to receive STO licenses;
  • tell us which licenses exist and which will be appropriate in your case;
  • perform a check in compliance with your company parameters for issuing licenses;
  • completely help in licensing.

The lawyers of our service have an extensive base under the legislation of different countries of Europe and the world. They will advise successful decisions to implement your draft so that the norms of the law allow us to favorably carry out investment activities.

We will help you prepare everything for the procedure and submit an application to the regulator to receive sto registration. 

STO licensing parameters from Conalz Business Consulting

With us you can count on the qualification support of your project:

  1. Official registration of the company, registration of employees and institution of all documents.
  2. Collection and preparation of the required evidence and documents for obtaining token.
  3. Compliance with legislation, which guarantees your project security.
  4. Obtaining compliance requirements for the full functioning of the company's blockchain.
  5. A clear implementation of all stages of obtaining a license to launch your project without delay and damage to your business.

Leave an application on our website so that we contact you and help you to pass the STO licensing to attract investors from around the world.

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