Successful development of STO does not always mean that the initial stage of fundraising is over. After the STO is launched, assets are collected on the wallets of the owners, which in the future are used to implement the project itself. The main rule for development, launch is not to use it as an electronic platform that attracts investments. STO is like a regular legal entity. And its active work requires a proven partner, plus legal support.

    What is STO?

    This term implies the offer, sale of any electronic coins that are classified as securities. Security tokens sold at STO can be any electronic coins in the blockchain, act as securities. At the same time, it is worth considering the following: whether these coins can ensure the operation of the platform, whether they represent ownership of assets, certain capital or liabilities.

    Therefore, STO is a broad concept, it can act as:

    • valuable papers;
    • tokens that are issued during the ICO perform a certain function within the platform;
    • real estate;
    • precious metals, stones;
    • cars, yachts and so on.

    It can also act as the right to profit from the work of a particular firm.

    The main advantages of the platform

    The presence of this system allows funds and companies to attract more capital from investors, as well as use them for their own benefit. The platform:

    • increases liquidity;
    • facilitates access to capital at a high level;
    • shares property rights;
    • increases the transparency of the process, increases the degree of security.

    It is also easy to manage for all investors.

    Professional STO support at all stages

    The specialists who work in our company provide legal services to clients, for example, STO support. In addition, they do the following:

    • analyze tokens, determine their classification;
    • determine the appropriate structure of the coins;
    • develop a memorandum on the placement of tokens, an investment agreement, an accompanying package of documents;
    • carefully check smart contracts so that all conditions are met exactly.

    In addition, our specialists provide legal support at the end of the STO, advise clients on the sale of tokens, and so on.