In just a few years, investing in crypto assets has become a legal and profitable activity. Many people know what mining, ICOs, NFTs, and crypto wallets are. Cryptocurrency payments are no longer a surprise.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity all over the world. At the same time, lawyers are facing many new challenges and atypical tasks that did not exist before. For example, different countries have different attitudes towards cryptocurrencies. New rules are constantly being introduced, approaches are changing, and there is simply no time to keep track of everything. It is simply impossible, especially for a start-up businessman who is interested in crypto assets or wants to start his own cryptocurrency business.

Over time, this area will be completely cleared of illegal business and fraudsters, and trust in it will grow.

Today, the blockchain technology industry is one of the fastest growing on the planet. This is because the prospects of this new technology are very favourable. Security and anonymity of operations are at a high level.

Where do the problems come from that make company owners turn to lawyers? States have an ambiguous attitude towards digital assets. Lawyers of Cryptoconsulting will help you avoid these moments of misunderstanding, fines, and even criminal liability.

What questions do crypto business owners most often turn to lawyers with?

In our practice, the most common requests are as follows

    registration of a company;
  • Registration of crypto licences;
  • payment of taxes;
  • reporting;
  • resolution of litigation

    The most time-consuming process is obtaining a crypto licence. It requires strict control and identification, preparation of technical documentation and compliance with all procedures. But with Cryptoconsulting lawyers, this whole process will be more comfortable. Both many years of experience and the presence of trusted partners help to make the procedures efficient and predictable in terms of the result.

    ICO consulting is necessary in the following cases:

  • selection of a bank;
  • registration of a company in the chosen jurisdiction;
    • choicechoice of jurisdiction; 
    • Business consultants will help you promote tokens on the markets while staying within the law, without risking your freedom and business reputation. We explain to our clients all the issues related to digital asset mining, buying, selling, and declaring.
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