Security tokens (STO) are a kind of securities, only they are presented in digital form. STOs certify ownership, so owners can pursue their investment interests. All important points and nuances are written in smart contracts. The trading turnover of Security tokens is carried out on exchange platforms in compliance with the legal norms of the country’s financial regulator.

Legal consulting STO: professional assistance at different stages

Security tokens are linked to real securities, so they are a relevant financial investment. Firms that issue STOs are subject to additional regulatory requirements, including the provision of different types of reports. This asset class has the following advantages:

  • round-the-clock access to the markets;
  • possibility of fractional ownership;
  • simplified transactions for the exchange and trading of assets;
  • reduction of transaction costs;
  • fast transactions.

Security Token Offerings are included in the list of permitted financial instruments. To achieve positive results, it is important to use the professional services of STO legal consulting, as well as organizational and technological support for projects at the following stages:

  • financial analysis of the company;
  • choice of jurisdiction
  • search for optimal conditions for conducting STO;
  • work on the strategy and plan for the implementation of the project;
  • formation of a team;
  • registration of a company in the EU;
  • opening bank accounts;
  • preparation of documents and materials to confirm the readiness of the project for investment;
  • preparation and signing of contracts necessary for the implementation of the project;
  • preparation of documents necessary for the issue of shares;
  • registration of STO in the financial regulator;
  • listing of Security tokens on the trading platform;
  • token sale within the framework of the crowdfunding program;
  • providing advice in the field of marketing;
  • financial service of the project, analysis of cash flows on it.

Of no small importance is the custodial service in accordance with the agreement with the partner bank, as it helps to solve the issue of the security of storing digital assets. As a result, a high level of protection against hacker attacks is provided. The presence of insurance will compensate for the loss of funds if the custodian is guilty of this. Specialists will do everything necessary to ensure that digital assets are protected as much as possible.

Comprehensive STO support as a popular service from Blocons

Blocons’s professional team offers comprehensive STO support for effective fundraising. At the same time, it is guaranteed that large investors will be connected to the project, who will receive their part in the Startup. Each employee can boast of rich experience in working with Security tokens. Thanks to legal support, all efforts are directed to preserving the interests of all parties: the project team, as well as potential investors.

The Blocons team of specialists will do everything necessary to maintain the investment attractiveness of the project, ensure the safe attraction of investments in compliance with all laws. As a result, the possibility of negative impact on the part of regulatory authorities, as well as the appearance of claims against the project initiators, is excluded.

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