A few years ago, electronic coins ICO appeared on the modern market. Then they were considered the most popular way to raise additional finance. Since that moment, the uncertainty regarding the regulation of ICOs, a huge number of different fraudulent projects, have led to the following: their demand has decreased, new trends in the field of cryptocurrencies have appeared on the market.

    More recently, many people have started talking about STOs, however, today the latest developed projects are being launched, powered by blockchains, and this is IEO.

    Maintenance of Initial Exchange Offering: advantages of the project

    The IEO project has the following advantages:

    1. Safety. The company does not allow different schemes to work to switch to a token sale.
    2. Perfect chance to make a good profit. Each exchange tries to carefully select a project, to exhibit only promising products that have great potential for future development and growth.
    3. Advertising. Exchanges that conduct token sales have an excellent reputation and have many investors.
    4. Manipulation. Due to the ICO, users could previously perform manipulations that related to the commission during transfers. This greatly increased the price of initiation. What can not be said about IEO.

    In addition, thanks to IEO, the user can invest different cryptocurrencies. Fiats also become available to him, but only if they are supported by the exchange.

    IEO support, assistance from high-level specialists

    Each client who applied to our company can receive IEO support. We will also help prepare and conduct ICO and other initial proposals. We are ready to provide all clients with:

    • development of a public offer;
    • preparation of the necessary documentation;
    • comprehensive legal advice and assistance.

    We will also help you draw up a White Paper legal block and prepare a Legal Opinion. These are important components of IEO legal support, which we offer remotely, in the absence of any territorial restrictions.

    Our professional staff, partners from every corner of the world have been helping with accompaniment for several years. After the first services were launched, we tried to pay special attention to such a moment: how to gain experience in assessing the risks of people who founded the platform, and developed legal protection measures. If you are trying to find up-to-date data on legal registration, as well as ICO support, you can contact our company using e-mail. We will be able to advise, answer any pressing questions.