Services of an escrow agent

    Services of an escrow agent

    Escrow agents are third parties who act as independent intermediaries between buyers…

    ICO support

          You want to provide services and products related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, our company provides high quality ICO support at the most affordable prices.

    What is ICO support?

    Cryptocurrency transactions are now the most innovative investment option. We have a team of real professionals in this field who will advise each client personally and provide all possible assistance to minimize costs when registering projects.

    Initial Coin Offering is a way to attract investments by selling cryptocurrencies received as a result of one-time or accelerated generation to investors. It is also possible in the form of an initial token offering.

    In order to become a participant in the ICO, you need to become the owner of a certain amount of digital currency, learn how to use cryptocurrency wallets and have an idea of what an exchange is.

    Project participants should be aware that activities in the field of research and investment in ICOs located in foreign jurisdictions require a high degree of caution, since in most cases there are no regulatory levers or they can change unexpectedly and abruptly.

    ICO support: main pros and cons

    To feel like a fish in water in a project, you need to be well versed in the pros and cons of an ICO.

    Why it is worthwhile for companies to carry out a project within a foreign jurisdiction:

    • the rapid spread of the company's fame around the world;
    • a significant increase in the number of potential investors due to the expansion of the geographical range;
    • The project can be replenished with millions of dollars in cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes

    The disadvantages include the fact that ICO investors are accustomed to the speculative nature of cryptocurrency, therefore they do not show the same loyalty and patience as ordinary stock investors.

    Legal aspects of planning and running a campaign

    Each country has its own approach to ICO. In some countries, a clear regulation of processes has been established, and in some operations with crypto-assets are strictly prohibited. Therefore, different jurisdictions can be divided into favorable, unfavorable and loyal.

    Our specialists will help you find answers to the following questions:

    • what type of token is best to issue;
    • optimal jurisdiction for ICO;
    • the need for licenses;
    • where is the best place to register a company for a project.

    Accompanying the ICO by our company will help to take into account all legal aspects and implement the project with maximum benefit.

    Legal support of ICO projects

    We offer the services of experienced professional lawyers. We provide full legal support for ICO projects, which includes:

    • settlement of disputes arising in the course of project implementation;
    • assistance in choosing a jurisdiction for company registration;
    • work of specialists in SEO search engine optimization;
    • preparation of the necessary package of documents;
    • consultations on project settlement in accordance with AML/KYC policies;
    • support of specialists when opening accounts;
    • implementation of risk mitigation measures in accordance with applicable law;
    • professional support of the process of obtaining a license for activities related to cryptocurrencies;
    • development of optimal internal corporate documentation;
    • assistance in obtaining intellectual property rights.

    Cooperation with Blocons is a guarantee of successful business development in the field of operations with cryptocurrencies. To implement your ICO project and make a profit, do not delay the decision, contact our specialists as soon as possible and order services. To keep up to date with all the latest news, subscribe and receive them in your email inbox.