Just like in traditional marketing, crypto projects need to build a reputation in their niche. There will be no success without high-quality interaction with the audience, receiving feedback, and studying competitors. It is important to choose the right promotion channels.

How can you convey to your target audience that you are a reliable partner in such a new and still incomprehensible industry? Trust in crypto is undermined by fraudsters. It often does not exist only at the level of countries and governments. Marketers need to work properly with these fears. Invest in it, make efforts. Communicate with your target audience in a language they understand.

Popular social networks can help.

Here you can share news, show your expertise. Sometimes you can even joke, as long as it's appropriate. The emphasis should be on meeting the needs of the target audience. Describe the benefits in essence, qualitatively, but briefly.

Before starting any promotion, it is better to immediately define the goals and route. Otherwise, it will be spontaneous, chaotic, and without results. A content plan is a must for social media. Posts should be of different formats, otherwise, a page or group will get boring very quickly.

Facebook and Telegram are the most popular platforms. In the Telegram group, the maximum number of members reaches 200,000. Among the advantages of the platform:

  • simplicity
  • popularity
  • security;
  • data encryption.

On Facebook, the audience is inclined to discuss, and its age range is 30+. This is the age when people start thinking about investments.

PR articles and press releases

Research your most successful competitors and see what media partners they have worked with. Contact them. Working with agencies will be effective. Many of them will find you when you are well-promoted.

Blog on the website

The website should convey the essence and goals of your business. You can't do without optimization for mobile devices and high-quality content. It is important to emphasize the value of the content: a minimum of words and a maximum of substance are better perceived than voluminous articles with a bunch of incomprehensible terms. There is also no need for overtly promotional publications.

Experience shows that it is better to order a promotion strategy from a trusted specialist. It is ideal if one team handles everything. You'll have someone to ask if the communication is not up to par. You will most likely gain the trust and recognition of your target audience. Especially if you contact a cryptomarketing agency rather than a general agency. 

Banner advertising

For certain projects, it can be very effective. Given the trends, this channel of user engagement can work effectively.

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