In many cases, the price of tokens increases sharply after listing. But for this to happen, the coin needs to have as many users as possible. Only then can it be traded on a major exchange.

The following factors are also taken into account

  • the number of active addresses in the blockchain;
  • audience in social networks, its quantity and quality;
  • updates of the technical part. 

It is definitely recommended to include user statistics before submitting an application. This was once stated by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

To fully evaluate the project and identify its prospects for possible listings on major exchanges, you should first of all familiarize yourself with its White paper. This is the main document that tells the basic facts about the coin in the language of numbers.

The very fact of listing a coin on an exchange increases its liquidity. Don't let the cost of listing scare you, as it pays off quite quickly.

How is a new coin audited before it is listed?

The company's features, the technical side of the coin, and its security are studied. The potential liquidity is assessed, personal merits, achievements, experience of each team member, and reputation are taken into account.

Get ready to answer any additional questions from the exchange administration. Only then will there be another detailed check, a proposal of the terms of cooperation, and the signing of the agreement. The coin appears in the trading terminal at the final stage. Before the X-day, almost all well-known online media publish announcements. Do not underestimate the media. Their opinion is taken into account when making a decision. As well as what is written in social networks, forums, and communities. 

Why can a coin be delisted from trading?

Delisting, or withdrawal from trading, most often occurs when the volume of transactions is small. Of course, sanctions can be imposed if exchange rules are violated. In this case, the further development of the project is jeopardized. Such a scenario can be avoided only by carefully studying all the features of the listing. Cryptocurrency listing can help you make good money if you do it correctly and take the issue seriously. Don't be afraid to get expert advice, as, for example, stock buyers do. They use the services of financial advisors. Such a service is very popular in the West, but we are just beginning to understand its importance and demand for novice investors. And even more experienced investors should analyze the crypto asset market to avoid losing money. A successful listing will allow attracting affordable loans for project development. For the project team, entering the stock exchange, the attention of the media and forums becomes advertising. 

Tips for investing in newly listed coins

  1. If you are listing a coin on an exchange: of course, large platforms will never add everyone to their ranks. You can deal with the fact that the criteria will not be disclosed. Accordingly, the listing will turn into a kind of lottery. Binance is the most expensive for access to its exchange. But you can take a closer look at much lesser-known sites first. If a coin is reliable, useful, and safe, it will be trusted. 
  2. If you want to invest in coin: it is better to buy the currency of new projects before others have time to do so en masse. It is better to keep abreast of news about startups that are starting their journey. Read the media, forums, and seek expert advice. They will make a forecast for the coin. Don't be afraid to ask questions. This is the only way to expect that the return on investment in crypto assets will be tangible.
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