In Lithuania, the licensing conditions for cryptocurrency exchanges are among the best in Europe. We offer a comprehensive individual approach, so if you need a license to operate a crypto exchange in Lithuania, we are ready to help with paperwork in the shortest possible time. 

Why is it best to get a cryptocurrency exchange license in Lithuania?

Lithuania officially issues a license for the activity of a crypto exchanger, all this is spelled out in the law. The Lithuanian government regulates virtual currencies.

FCIS creates methods to protect the financial system of Lithuania from criminal activity. It is this service that ensures that there is no embezzlement of funds from the budget, and also conducts a pre-trial investigation. Many of the rules apply not only to fiat money, but also to cryptocurrencies. In Lithuania, this is a full-fledged means of payment. So without a license it will not be possible to work legally. A package of documents is submitted to FCIS, a decision is made within a few days, but there may be exceptions. Sometimes the deadlines are a little delayed, but in any case, registration in this country is one of the fastest and most affordable in the EU. A small package of documents is required. 

What types of cryptocurrency exchange licenses are there in Lithuania?

There are two types in total:

There are two types in total:

  • exchange operator license;
  • cryptocurrency wallet operator license. 

What services do we provide to those who wish to obtain a license to operate a cryptocurrency exchange?

You'll get:

  • personal consultant;
  • assistance in setting up a turnkey company;
  • development of AML/KYC;
  • official registration.

In total, the entire registration process will take 6-8 weeks.

Crypto exchange/crypto exchange can be registered remotely. It is possible to obtain a license to operate a crypto exchange in Lithuania without a personal presence both at the office of our company and at the authorized state body in this country.

Additional services for obtaining a license for the activity of a crypto exchanger (Lithuania)

Additionally you can order:

  • accounting services;
  • tax advice. 

Note! All employees in the state are required to contribute to the detection of illegal financial transactions. This is required by the AML/KYC policy. High-risk clients are subject to closer supervision.

The specialist must control financial transfers in the amount of more than 15 thousand euros (or the equivalent in another currency).

The specialist is obliged to intervene in the work of the company if he notices fake documents.

When tokens are recognized as earned income, investors may be required to pay corporate income tax. Investors may also be subject to personal income tax, which is 15%.

The license may be revoked in case of non-compliance with the instructions of the supervisory authority.

We can recommend Lithuania as a jurisdiction that is friendly towards cryptocurrencies. The Central Bank supports the rapid development of modern financial services in Lithuania. You do not need to obligatory hire local staff. There are no requirements that the owners must be residents of this country. 

Obtain a license to operate a cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania

If you are faced with the need to license crypto exchangers in Lithuania, please contact our company for help. Professionals who are well acquainted with the financial legislation of all EU countries and the specifics of cryptocurrency operations work here. A profile specialist will help in filing an application, advise and, without complex terms, explain all the questions that you may have.

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