Cryptobusiness today is a new rapidly developing direction in the financial world market. In this regard, most highly developed countries actively support innovation in the development of this type of business. But there are also countries that in every way impede the full development of the cryptocurrency business.

A similar requirement in all countries of the world is that a license is required for the full-fledged activity of a cryptocurrency bank. According to the legal framework, the procedure for obtaining such a license in each country is different.

Crypto bank license: why is it needed for crypto activities?

A license for cryptocurrency activity automatically legalizes your activity. After receiving a crypto license, you will have the opportunity to:

  • actively develop your business in all possible directions;
  • attract investments into your business for the further development of your company;
  • provide services of cryptocurrency payment systems;
  • acquisition and sale of assets;
  • trade with other companies;
  • improve the image of your company;
  • win the trust of customers;
  • store digital funds of their customers;
  • legally carry out all necessary financial transactions, namely: currency exchange, storage, turnover, transfer, etc.

Can I work without a license?

Definitely not. Even if you are a private entrepreneur or a legal entity, working with cryptocurrency without an appropriate license, you are breaking the law. Such activity can be regarded as:

  • laundering of money;
  • financing of terrorism.

As a result of illegal activities related to cryptocurrency, your company will be fined a significant amount, and you, as the owner of the company, will be held criminally liable.

License for a cryptocurrency bank: what are the advantages of getting professional qualified assistance in obtaining it?

Our company Blocons will provide you with professional assistance in obtaining a crypto license. We employ highly qualified graduates with vast experience in obtaining cryptolicenses in different countries of the world. We guarantee you help:

  • in the preparation and execution of all necessary documentation for obtaining a cryptolicense;
  • in support and development of your crypto business;
  • long-term partnerships.

With us, you are guaranteed to get a positive result in the legalization and licensing of your cryptocurrency activities.

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