With the advent of cryptocurrency, there was a need to bring coins to the modern market, then continue to raise money for the development of the project. Such an initial offer, which allows you to invest in a project, is called an IEO. Many cryptocurrencies have passed it. However, this type of financing ceased to function normally as scammers arose promoting projects that had no future prospects. At the same time, there was no protection against such manipulations. As a result, users stopped investing their own finances in tokens.

As a result of all of the above, an ideal alternative has emerged, that is IEO. Such an exchange offer implies the participation of a third party in the procedure. The process involves the developer of the coin, the investor, the exchange. That is why the sale of coins began.

IEO consulting: how the project works

IEO works according to a certain scheme. The exchange takes part in the process.

  1. If the project developers wish to become owners of investments, they register and pass verification. Only then do they offer tokens for implementation.
  2. The exchange itself evaluates such a proposal. If the cryptocurrency is considered promising for the future, it may be included in the listing.
  3. At a prearranged time, a token sale is launched. The exchange, as well as IEO, are responsible for determining the minimum price of an asset, its number.
  4. Only users registered on the exchange can purchase coins. To do this, they replenish their wallets before trading.

All purchased coins lie for safety on the exchange wallet. More detailed information can be obtained from the specialists of our company who conduct IEO consulting.

Initial Exchange Offering Consulting: Key Benefits

Let's highlight the main advantages:

  1. The main advantage for the organizers is that they receive a ready base of IEO participants from a large number of exchange clients, which reduces financial costs for marketing.
  2. The marketing procedure is carried out by the exchange, organizers. This allows you to save money, create a synergy effect, thanks to which tokens move faster in the modern market.
  3. The main source of income for each exchange is commissions from trading. More participants, coins in the process, more transactions are obtained, income becomes higher. Using IEO on the platform allows the exchange to attract a huge number of participants to offer them interesting coins that are not available on other projects. This increases the turnover of trade, income.
  4. IEO allows you to optimize the release of coins to the trading platform. The asset becomes liquid almost instantly upon completion of the campaign, gets listed on a large exchange.

In addition, the method of attracting finance is beneficial for the exchange, issuers of cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that the organizers make large contributions, they increase the likelihood of a successful project with a perspective in the future.

Our company consults managers and users who wish to work with IEO. Consulting Initial Exchange Offering is one of our main directions. We perform the work with high quality, without risks for the participants. 

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