Honesty and decency are an important condition for the successful existence of any business, including in the field of cryptocurrency circulation. This is a risky way to invest, the market is known for a high percentage of shell projects and scammers. Therefore, the development of compiliance measures for the ICO issuer offered by Blocons is very important for shaping the image of your project.

Requirements for the issuing company

An ICO issuing company is the initiator of the development of a token project that wants to attract investments through an ICO.

In order for investors to believe in the project and want to invest, the issuing company must:

  • provide White paper, which includes a description of the project and goals, financial condition, identified risks;
  • develop legal documentation on risk management and combating potential cybercrime;
  • identify jurisdiction and act within its laws.

The regulation of crypto business differs in different jurisdictions and, moreover, is strengthened and detailed almost daily. Our lawyers will help you understand the intricacies of ICO.

Development of compliance measures for the ICO issuer in our company

Compliance measures are the development of measures aimed at compliance with legal norms, requirements and rules. The ICO also has a set of measures that help to comply with the law and comply with the requirements of jurisdictions, which serves as an indicator of the reliability of the project for investors.

In terms of developing Compliance measures for the ICO issuer, our specialists offer:

  • development of a strategy for attracting investors, clients, users, with an assessment of the legal consequences for each model;
  • choice of jurisdiction for setting up a company, where issues of licensing, financial monitoring, opening bank accounts are considered;
  • signing contracts and agreements between the founders and large investors;
  • drawing up contracts and registration of relations with developers and contractors;
  • development of a policy of interaction and agreements with clients and small investors;
  • implementation of customer information processing and verification processes;
  • use of regulatory sandbox;
  • monitoring and prompt correction of risks at the start;
  • constant legal work with users, clients and possible requirements and requests of regulators.

Such actions will raise your project high in the eyes of investors and clients. Serious work on a startup is evidence that the company is not a one-day business.

To avoid mistakes at the start, we recommend that you involve a lawyer in the development team at the first stages. Our specialists have extensive experience in supporting cryptocurrency projects. We will help you create not only a reliable crypto business that works according to all the rules, but also a positive image in the market.

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