Transaction monitoring and KYC checks for crypto exchanges, crypto exchanges and crypto wallets

Transaction monitoring and KYC checks for crypto exchanges, crypto exchanges and crypto wallets

До уваги власників криптобірж, обмінників і гаманців! Що більше ви знаєте своїх клієнтів…

Services of an escrow agent

Services of an escrow agent

Escrow agents are third parties who act as independent intermediaries between buyers…

Due to its security from external interference and flexibility, the blockchain is used in the financial sector and identification systems. The scope of application is constantly expanding and goes beyond high-tech industries, more and more blockchain penetrates those of them that every person faces every day.

But trust in everything new on the part of states does not appear immediately. The state apparatus is very inflexible and inert. Even advanced economies are characterized by bureaucracy when it comes to crypto projects. There is anxiety. And it will take time before launching such projects becomes easy.

Therefore, when launching a project, you have to think three times about which jurisdiction to choose.

It is better to give preference to those countries from which the development of this technology actually began. It is also necessary to analyze taxation and legislation. No matter how much you read about it, if there is no relevant experience, it is unlikely that you will be able to make such an analysis qualitatively. Reviews are always contradictory. You don't know who gives them on the other side of the screen.

Already at the stage of launching a project, registering a company, many questions arise that do not have a clear answer. You need professional experience, intuition, ability to work with numbers, understanding of blockchain technology at the pro level.

The reason for the growing popularity of blockchain services

The attraction of the blockchain is clear: you get a clear interface without bugs and stable operation. But you will have to invest in the deployment of the project in order to reduce all risks, as well as inspire confidence among investors. And you need to start with legal support. It is necessary to find a lawyer who will answer all questions in an understandable language, dispel fears, doubts, and help you make a choice. At the same time, such a specialist will not deny possible risks, but will tell everything as it is. He will advise not what is cheaper, but what is more correct for your situation, company and project.

Legal aspects of blockchain. Services for blockchain-based crypto projects

The question arises: to what extent is such activity legally regulated? How to deal with controversial issues? What about the security and protection of such systems? And how can you protect your business from malicious attacks? It is with this that they most often come to us, expecting to receive protection, expressing confidence in our competence. General lawyers are of little help when it comes to new technology that is less than two decades old. This requires specialized experience. And it is not necessary to involve a full-time lawyer. You can contact a company that deals only with such cases. We face a variety of legal aspects of blockchain technologies every day. We are talking not only about the launch of the project, but also about routine actions, such as documentary support for all transactions. This is the kind of work that you will not entrust to any specialist, since at least a trade secret must be kept.

It is undesirable to use template documents from the Internet. Many of these templates are inaccurate, outdated, and do not take into account the specifics of the project.

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