Listing of digital money is a difficult process that determines the further fate of the coin.

Listing is the process of placing a cryptocurrency on an exchange to start trading with other assets. Success at this stage often determines the fate of an altcoin: for most coins, access to free conversion is both a ticket to life and a factor in attracting new investors and further increasing the value and capitalization. It is believed that the efforts of developers, PR specialists, and marketers are aimed at attracting investment at the ICO stage, but it is equally important to work consistently with cryptocurrency exchanges to start mass circulation of the developed token. Needless to say, this work is not always successful. Major players have rather strict requirements for the quality and financial condition of projects. Therefore, the start of trading is always perceived as a success for developers, which has a positive effect on the level of demand.

If the administration of the trading platform has reasonable doubts about the future of any coin, the exchange unilaterally takes measures to stop exchange operations - delisting. There are many reasons for removing a coin from the list of traded currencies: from serious problems with transaction security and suspicions of scamming to violations of regulatory requirements and exchange regulations. By using the delisting procedure, exchanges try to get rid of assets that have lost their credibility or pose a threat to investors' funds in a timely manner.

The overwhelming number of negative responses to applications is caused by Binance's reluctance to contact developers who, having nothing but a White Paper and a one-page website, are already planning to list their coin.

Even a fully formed project can receive a response, provided that the experts consider it to be of insufficient quality. You should not take a negative decision as a final verdict: by developing and modifying the basic idea, developing new and technically advanced services intended for use in real life, you can eventually create a product that users really need, and its tokens will be added to the list of trading instruments.


Alternative options

Listing with the leaders is an attractive, but not always achievable event for a number of reasons. The main obstacle to cryptocurrencies that do not claim to be globally adopted is the limited amount of available funding. Many tokens start their journey to success with medium and small trading platforms, whose requirements for the entire set of project parameters are much lower, and the inevitable disputes that arise can be resolved with a slight increase in the entrance fee. For example, the decentralized Coin Bridge platform considers applications for listing for a modest 2 BTC, while accelerated coin addition will cost 6 BTC.

To start exchanging transactions with other cryptocurrencies, it is not necessary to choose the leaders of the cryptocurrency trading segment. Hundreds of exchanges of different levels accept tokens for much lower fees, and some of them are almost free.

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