There are several thousand cryptocurrencies in the world. Until recently, they were considered human property. But on December 2, the Verkhovna Rada legalized the cryptocurrency market. Using virtual assets has become faster and easier. If you need high-quality cryptocurrency conversion, contact Conals specialists.

Cryptocurrency conversion and ICO

ICO (or Initial Coin Offering) is the initial placement of coins. Often, together with the concept of ICO, the term “crowd sale” is used.

In the process, project specialists sell digital tokens for cryptocurrency or fiat money. Then this money can be used on the project platforms, as an internal currency, and traded on the stock exchange.

By issuing its own tokens and exchanging them for popular cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) or fiat currencies (dollars or euros), the project raises the funding needed to launch or develop. As a rule, ICOs are carried out at the early stages of the existence of projects, before the creation of their full-fledged infrastructure. The funds raised are used to finance the final stage of development, marketing, or go to special development funds to support projects in the long term.

How to convert cryptocurrency?

If you plan to invest in currencies for profit, you need to understand that cryptocurrencies are investments with high returns and no less high risk. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, which means that you can suffer significant monetary losses from your savings if you start investing without having some knowledge.

The cryptocurrency conversion mechanism involves several stages:

  1. Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange or broker. Many people confuse these concepts, making them equal. But they are completely different. Cryptocurrency exchange is a place where it is possible to trade cryptocurrencies. A broker is an intermediary between a buyer and a seller.
  2. Create an account. To do this, you need to register on the selected platform by going through several types of user identity verification. This guarantees protection against scammers.
  3. Depositing currency. To purchase cryptocurrency, you must have fiat funds in your account. You can pay by bank transfer or credit card.
  4. The choice of cryptocurrency. It all depends on your preferences. After all, as soon as you deposit funds, hundreds of cryptocurrencies will become available to you.
  5. Choice of storage method. Do not count on maximum protection for your investment. To do this, you must use either a hot or cold wallet.

Professional cryptocurrency conversion

If you need a high-quality development of a cryptocurrency conversion mechanism, contact Blocons specialists. You’ll get:

  • operational assistance;
  • high-quality service;
  • consultations;
  • individual approach;
  • low prices for services.

To find out more, contact company representatives. Contacts are listed on the website.

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