The crypto industry is under special attention from the governments of many countries. It still causes a certain amount of skepticism where a conservative approach reigns. 

But even in jurisdictions that are loyal to digital currency there is a law. Wherever you want to open a startup, you will most likely need a crypto license. This applies to exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchanges are considered one of the most profitable areas. Crypto exchanges exchange cryptocurrencies among themselves and transfer them into fiat funds, that is, the currencies we are familiar with. 

How can Blockchain Consulting help?

We will help you open a company remotely and obtain a crypto license in 1 month. Our advantages:

  • Without personal presence and visa for the founders
  • We will open an account in payment systems on the best terms
  • We will provide full legal and accounting support
  • We will provide administrative functions
  • We will help you obtain a legal address
  • We will provide assistance in drawing up reports, passing inspections by regulatory authorities, audits. 

Get a free consultation. Our specialists will select a jurisdiction with low taxes. 

The best jurisdictions for running crypto projects with loyal conditions for obtaining a crypto license

Most often we recommend Estonia, Singapore, and the UK. There is a trend towards tightening control over crypto companies in Dubai, but this jurisdiction can still be considered; obtaining a license there is quite simple. Canada has a very favorable environment for running such a business. 

Standard AML requirements for opening a cryptocurrency exchange

  • Carrying out a comprehensive risk analysis procedure (the so-called due diligence)
  • Conducting regular trainings
  • Reporting

Our consultants will provide training to those responsible for combating money laundering. 

We work with banks that cooperate on the best terms and can make payments to Ukraine. You are not required to have a permanent presence in the country where the business was registered.

Permission to conduct transactions with cryptocurrencies is issued by authorized government bodies. We have the necessary connections with them and obtain licenses for our clients exclusively through legal procedures.

We have set up internal financial and IT infrastructure, developed and implemented effective AML/KYC algorithms, obtained crypto licenses or permissions to work with cryptocurrencies, and helped hundreds of companies launch blockchain projects. 

Do you want to work without fines and constant fear of inspections? Worried that crypto transactions are under special control? Conduct your activities legally, we will take care of everything. Contact our managers. The necessary information is in the Contacts section. 

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